Pure Himalayan Grains

Purest grain spirits from up north that define our signature texture

Natural Inspirations

Crispy notes of tropical fruits and true-to-form classic spices

Youth Insignia

Bespoke experience for the connoisseurs of fine taste

Rich, Bold & Effortlessly Balanced

Welcome to the world of intoxicating luxury, crafted for the sophisticated palate of the new & suave India. Our top-shelf brands of fine liquor offer you an unparalleled experience in the red-hot romance of the spirit.


Craftsmith started with the aim to bring home the taste of uber-luxury to the discerning millennials, who have inspired us to craft India’s most ambitious high-end line of spirits for the world. Blending traditions with modern craft and backed with an exceptional team spirit, we assemble hand-picked ingredients to create luxury products, instilling passion and excellence.

Every step, right from the selection of special finish scotch malts to bottling and packaging, is a labour of love in order to explore a completely new language of spirited sipping experience. We take pride in following an uncompromising knack for the highest industry standards and our committed & accomplished team of in-house master-blenders and mixologists.

Our selection features the ultra-premium Kilburn – a luminous gold whiskey in classic and Platinum variants that explode with creamy notes of medium- sweet sherry at the first swill. Trek, India’s first VS certified rum, is a bold experience in tropical fruity notes with warm oaky undertones, while STUBBS is a 5X filtered platinum Vodka in its purest classic flavour.

Boldly spreading its presence across the Indian geography, Craftsmith has launched its brands across Goa, Punjab, Odisha, Delhi, & Jharkhand, with strategically located bottling units in Punjab & Goa and Odisha.

Indulge in a Dram

The Taste of Luxury

A tranquil experience of rich malty flavours with a playful hint of spices.


The Taste of Time

A drop of eternity curated in a rare blend of aged scotch malts and Indian spirits.


Luxury To Explore

A luxurious blend of aged Caribbean and Indian rum spirits with notes of tropical fruits and berries.



A passionate blend of fine aged spirits married together in perfect harmony.


Naturally Intense

An opulent ode to the fearless spirit of individuality in the purest form of Vodka.


Our Brands


Mohit SinglaFounder & MD

A creative entrepreneur with a passion to create new enterprises. Having travelled across the globe he enjoys special interest in international Trade & development economics as founder chairman of Trade Promotion Council of India.

Manish SeigellCEO

Experienced C Suite industry veteran with an outstanding record in leading sales and management, Manish enjoys an accomplished career in providing strategical and operational leadership to United Breweries and other top league liquor, tobacco and chemical companies.

Richa Singla Director

Trained design professional from Central Saint Martins, London with a specialization in interior design. A communications virtuoso with a knack for building brands through bold, engaging and impactful marketing strategies.



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